While it is unclear how long-term this pandemic will go on, the legal system is using the latest technologies to conduct family court matters. This experience is less than ideal for someone who craves the traditional courtroom experience and can seem surreal. It is a new day due to COVID-19.

However, it is certainly better than when the physical court closings began. While courts were closed entirely, it was difficult and sometimes felt impossible to enforce custody agreements causing one parent to report to the New York Post that it was “anarchy” around shared custody for some divorced couples. As the weeks have gone on, more and more municipalities are offering the option of phone or video hearings.

The good news is that we are moving forward, albeit differently and more slowly. Members of our firm are working closely with leaders of our local and state bar associations in North and South Carolina to carefully craft solutions to the challenges we are currently facing, while also trying to address ways to better improve how family matters are handled during these ever-changing times. While many matters for the courts are being held virtually, there is a considerable backlog of available dates, given the pause in our country’s activity. And while the judge may ask you to raise your right hand and swear to tell the truth from your living room, plan to dress appropriately.

At Conrad Trosch and Kemmy, P.A., we continue our advocacy on your behalf just as we did before COVID-19. Yes, things are a little different right now. Your family law matters may take longer than usual and require more patience, but matters are being addressed with expertise and professionalism. Our attorneys are here to help and will continue to advocate on your behalf, just as before COVID-19 changed our legal landscape. Contact us for a consultation and we can provide more details on how things are working based on your specific situation.


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