A property inventory is a listing of the property you own.  It may also include a brief description of the property.  Discuss with your attorney the level of inventory detail needed to benefit your case.

Factors to consider when creating your inventory may include:

  • The extent to which you anticipate you and your spouse will disagree regarding the division of your property;
  • Whether you anticipate a dispute regarding the value of the property either you or your spouse is retaining;
  • Whether you will have continued access to the property if a later inventory is needed or whether your spouse will retain control of the property; or
  • Whether you and your spouse are likely to disagree about which items are premarital, inherited, or gifts from someone other than your spouse.

In addition to creating an inventory, your attorney may request that you prepare a list of the property that you and your spouse have already divided or a list of the items you want but your spouse has not agreed to give you.

If you do not have continued access to your property, talk to your attorney about asking your spouse or the court for access to the property to take photographs of the property to complete your inventory.

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