Ability to modify alimony depends on several factors.  If your agreement provides that your alimony order is “nonmodifiable,” then you may not have it modified.  Also, if no award of alimony was made before or in the divorce decree and you do not have a claim for alimony pending, you will not be entitled to receive alimony in the future.

If there has been a material change in the circumstances of either you or your spouse, either spouse may seek to have alimony modified.  Examples include a serious illness, losing a job, or obtaining a new job.

A complaint to modify alimony for the purposes of seeking additional alimony may not be filed if the time for payment of alimony allowed under your original alimony order has already passed.

If you think you have a basis to modify your alimony, contact your attorney at once to be sure a timely modification request is filed with the court.

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