If your domestic violence case goes to court, the following may be useful exhibits:

  • Photographs of injuries;
  • Photographs of damaged property;
  • Abusive or threatening notes, letters, texts or e-mails;
  • Abusive or threatening voice messages;
  • Videos or audio of your spouse abusing or threatening you (speak with an attorney prior to secretly recording anyone without their permission as it is allowed, but only in certain circumstances);
  • Your journal entries about abuse;
  • Police reports;
  • Medical records;
  • Court records;
  • Criminal and traffic records;
  • Your spouse’s psychological records;
  • Damaged property, such as torn clothing; and
  • Weapons used in the commission of domestic violence

Discuss with your attorney any of these that you are able to obtain and ask your lawyer whether others can be acquired through a subpoena or other means.

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