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There are a number of unexpected scenarios in life that can leave you in a situation where you may need a civil litigation attorney. An expert civil litigation lawyer in Charlotte, NC who can apply their expertise and common sense to your individual situation will ensure the best results for you and our team at Conrad Trosch & Kemmy, P.A. can provide you with this level of proficiency.

A Full Range of Services for Civil Litigation in Charlotte, NC

When seeking a civil litigation attorney in Charlotte, NC please know we offer a full range of services and ensure that whether you have suffered a personal injury, a dispute in your business or another event that has affected your financial state, one of our attorneys is your key to ensuring that you are compensated for your damages.

Beginning with the initial client interview, and continuing all through the process, we are here to assist with conflict resolution, a business dispute, an insurance coverage issue, personal injury, contesting a will, and more. Our Charlotte, NC civil attorneys are prepared to litigate the matter and ensure it is a well-prepared case. In addition to our own expertise, we work with the country’s premier experts to assist with presentation of your case. At the same time, we will be exploring opportunities to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Our team is prepared to assist you with your civil litigation matter, with services including…

General/Civil Litigation

Business Litigation

Contract Disputes

Professional Liability

Estate/Trust Disputes

Contesting a Will

Conflict Resolution

Mediation and Arbitration

How To Avoid Court

Discuss Your Options with a Qualified Civil Litigation Lawyer in Charlotte, NC

At Conrad Trosch & Kemmy, P.A., we offer exceptional guidance throughout your case, starting at the initial consultation right through to the final settlement. As experts in civil litigation, we strive to provide you with the most efficient outcome. We also can help you avoid going to court, if that is the most appropriate solution for your unique situation.

To discuss your options with a civil law attorney in Charlotte, NC and to schedule your consultation with one of our experts, call us at (704) 553-8221.

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