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Suffering from an injury as the result of an accident can place a severe hardship on your life. Particularly if the accident was the result of the actions of a third party. At Conrad Trosch & Kemmy, P.A., our legal experts ensure that your case receives the best outcome. No matter your financial situation, our team will aggressively fight for you on the merits of your specific case and injury.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte, NC Aggressively Fighting For You

This time can be difficult and we understand that. Therefore, when seeking a qualified Personal Injury Attorney in Charlotte, NC you can rest assured knowing our team of legal experts are working with you. As a prospective client, we offer you a free consultation to review your case. All consultations for personal injury and wrongful death cases are handled directly with our legal team, not by an investigator, receptionist, case manager, or paralegal. Compassion and understanding of each particular situation is of the utmost importance to each one of us. Our client-centric approach is customized to your particular case and we strive to gain the best results possible so that medical expenses and other financial damages can be addressed timely and efficiently.

Our team is prepared to assist you with your personal injury and wrongful death law matter, with services including…

Auto Accidents

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

Medical Malpractice

Workers Compensation

How to Avoid Court

For fifty years, Conrad Trosch & Kremmy, P.A. has worked together as an integrated team to help guide our clients to the best outcome for their unique situation. Our mission is to assist clients in all walks of life to achieve the proper settlement of their personal injury or wrongful death cases. With a Personal Injury Lawyer in Charlotte, NC who is an expert in their field we will do everything necessary to get you what you deserve. It is our goal to ensure you are not alone as you navigate this difficult period.

To schedule your consultation with a legal expert, please contact us at (704) 553-8221.

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