There are a lot of misconceptions about Estate Planning. Most people believe that you have to be wealthy. That simply isn’t the case. Everyone should think about this as one moves through the various milestones of life such as getting married, having children, curating something special for your home that you would like to go to a loved one, etc. Here is more on this important topic. Be sure and catch Sam’s full interview as well. He speaks more on when is the right time to get or update your Estate Plan.

Conrad Trosch & Kemmy is one of Charlotte’s oldest and most reputable Estate Planning Law firms. Since our founding in 1970, literally thousands of Wills and Estate Plans have been put together for our clients, their family members and referrals within the community.

For COVID-19, a couple of big things we have changed at CTK is how we interact with our clients. For instance, we moved significantly to remote client meetings via phone or video conference. We also began implementing “Drive-Up Will Signings” so that clients could remain in their vehicles and adhere to social distancing guidelines. We continue to offer consults and signings in ways that make clients feel comfortable. We also concentrate on efficiencies in our processes so that all clients receive the results within the best possible timeframe.

“I believe the importance of estate planning and the right time to update or get an estate plan go hand in hand”, says Simmons. Estate Planning is a way to prepare for the future and create a plan for unforeseen circumstances. Beyond the Will, we also prepare various healthcare documents and assistance with end of life planning.

As mentioned before, many common misconceptions exist surrounding Estate Planning, often with people thinking they do not have enough assets to warrant creating a plan. Regardless of one’s monetary assets, if someone has a house, a car, personal items, household items, etc., they have property that they want to pass to loved ones that can likely be better effectuated through a Will and other planning documents. Regardless of where you are in your life, we welcome the opportunity to assist with your legal needs.

Sam Simmons is an Estate Planning Lawyer practicing in North Carolina. To reach him, call (704) 553 – 8221 or contact us today.

Watch Sam’s interview here:


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