There are areas of the law that do not offer board certifications. Civil Litigation, Business Litigation and Estate Litigation are among them. This is why hiring an attorney with strong experience and success in these areas should influence your decision.

Conrad Trosch and Kemmy behaves as an integrated team and this means that when you hire one attorney, you are somewhat hiring all of us. This is more true than ever in the case of William C. Trosch (Bill), our managing attorney and Partner here at CTK.

Bill heads our Litigation Department, guiding our attorneys who gain immensely from his experience and expertise. He is a published author who has also taught graduate-level negotiation courses to MBA students as well as seminars and presentations to other attorneys.

Bill’s cases have counted among the largest recorded settlements and verdicts in the State of North Carolina, in excess of $10,000,000. He has handled lawsuits against powerful entities including the City of Charlotte. In one case, he negotiated with the NCAA getting a star basketball player’s eligibility to play restored.

In Bill’s words on his philosophy and approach to the Law, “I purposely choose to maintain a broad practice. As a litigator, my experience dealing with a wide variety of factual scenarios helps me find creative solutions to problems that a “cookie-cutter” approach to only one area of the law may miss”.

To view Bill’s full profile featuring his education, presentations, publications, awards, and recognitions, simply visit his bio at

The North Carolina State Bar, an agency of the State of North Carolina, certifies lawyers as specialists in designated practice areas as a service to the public. The program assists members of the public in the selection of legal counsel by identifying lawyers who have demonstrated special knowledge, skill, and proficiency in certain areas of law.


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